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Copper Art, Sculpture and Fountains by Joseph Ward

Phoenix, Az.

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Featuring a Great White Shark, Salmon, Suns, Horses, Dragonflies, Koi Fish and More. All created with stunning copper, and high quality to the eye and ear. Please take a moment to view my work and see the diverse possibilities of making it a part of your home or business.
Koi Fish Copper Fountain Sculpture
Custom Made with Feng Shui in Mind
14" tall
18" Diameter Bowl
Dragonfly Sculptures with Transparent Wings
6" x 6" Wide Approximately $79
4" x 4" $69
Great White Shark Copper Sculpture and Fountain

Fountain dimensions 32" tall, 30" diameter bottom bowl

Shark dimensions, 13" from pectoral fin to fin, 26 & 1/2" inches nose/snout tip to tail tip, 11 & 1/2" inches from top of dorsal fin to bottom belly, 13" from top dorsal to bottom pectoral

Tuna dimensions, 8 & 1/2" inches long, 4" in tall, 1" wide

Meticulously sculpted with the technique of chasing and repousse, with attention focused on the fan coral beneath, this is my favorite piece. Although the Great White and Tuna Fish can be adapted to many fountains, as shown it is $1429
I am currently working on a copper Dorado with Kelp scultpure. 
I am still working on a very large update to my websites. If there is anything on my them that strikes your interest, without information on it, please email me a copy of the piece, and I will be happy to help explain the specifics and various possibilities for it in both size and price. Thank You!