Copper Fountain Large Waterfall with 5 Tiers and Southwestern Desert Decor of Agave, Prickly Pear Ca
Copper Tiger Wall Sculpture 1
bouquet copper roses

Each and every project or piece of art is extremely and equally important to me, so I wanted to show a lot of the custom work I have done for customers in the past.


Updated Note (7/13/20) Regarding Custom Work

Although I had been on hiatus for doing custom from June of 2019, I recently finished a large project opening up a window to take on a few new projects in limited scope, and may not be able to resume any further custom work now or until early next year of 2021 so that I can finish some personal copper art project's I have been wanting to make for some time now. These include themes of: Paleontology (fountain sculpture scenes to include eras from antiquity in Egypt, Persia, Greece, and Rome), some Mythology inspired fountain works from the Near East, Far East and various ports of time with in Western Civilization, a few works from the natural world of biology featuring creatures from a Diatom to a Great While Shark... and also finishing some painting's and mixed media painting's and other 2D art, along with some works in mixed media with copper and other material mediums...


Upon finishing these I'll then resume being able and open to creating works for others, and helping to bring their ideas to life; something I also thoroughly enjoy! (When finishing my aforementioned project's I'll post photos) and last but not least, also completing new designs, and design lines to the overall selection of Ward Studios Art.


...Nevertheless, I appreciate all interest in this type of work, and apologize that I am not doing any of it now. I look forward to 2021 to be of better service in this regard, and in more specifically tuned ways to also be of better help to people getting what they're wanting to have made, as well as have it done in a timely manner with quality at the forefront.


Thank you for your interest, understanding and viewing.

I hope you enjoy looking at these photos!

These are images of the waterfall sculpture in process of being crafted/sculpted, and were taken during the first water test. This piece will continue to develop as time goes on over the next coming weeks, and once done I'll post the finished product.

Thank you for viewing!


One Ibis Bird that will be added to it between the "rock-arms", shown to be wading in the pool looking for food.

Baby Sea Turtles and a variety of shells, as well as some sand dollars will be added too in other places to help bring the scene more to life.

Beneath is a close-up picture of how the rocak waterfall area functions, and another image from how how the water glows at night amid different lighting. will change drastically in form from how it is seen here as it comes to fruition.