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Viking Longship Copper Fountain and Scul
Copper Saguaro Waterfall Fountain Sketch
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Current Services:

Each order is equally important to me, and I don't want anyone's order taking longer than need be, or lingering unnecessarily do to being tied up on other project's, so I rarely do custom work now. In the past custom work allowed and helped me to hone all manner of skills while creating unique things with and for people, while also aiding a little in the cultivation of making and having product designs available to be a standard part of my retail artwork, and so I appreciate it and peoples interest in it -in many ways, and no less so in getting to share the art with all others too with and from customers- and as such, this art aspect was a dilemma for me that I grappled with for some time, because I do enjoy doing custom work and helping people bring their ideas to life as well as get to see and appreciate what other people are dreaming up, but at this point in time, I am not able to take on any new custom work that is less in cost to make than $4-5K because I cannot afford the extra time involved as it takes a lot of it to create such things. I also have planned projects that include one-of-a-kind art (and other personal ones) that I slowly work on making and/or want to make or finish, and custom work at this point in my art career, be it small or large in dimensions, takes up too much of my time to do, so, after careful consideration, I have decided to restructure it into a more manageable form. Over the past years I have done a lot of this type of work and by nature like helping people if I can, so reducing and scaling it back further is not an easy thing for me to do and I sincerely nevertheless, whatever it may entail or be, wish you the best with your project. 

Additional Aspects:

I am also working on creating such artworks so they will not be Custom Work items, but still be equally beautiful and readily available and purchasable artwork...  but that takes a lot of time and cost to do so it, and thus custom work too, will continue to evolve over time, as well as adapt to changes as needed too.

As such and preferably I am not actively looking to do much custom work as a priority or a large part of my art business offerings until, I have finished quite a few pieces of art I have been wanting to make for a long time now, and thereby also have better examples available to view and to be of help in considering having a custom piece of art created for you. The personal projects of mine I mention are already ambitious and will require a lengthy, in-depth amount of time and cost to produce, and so that is where my focus is for now on making new things, however, I still include custom work on the off chance that an opportunity arises to where it can be a mutually conducive endeavor between myself and a potential customer in making something beautiful and new irrespective of the time when it is undertaken.
My own planned projects include one-of-a-kind art (and other personal ones) that I slowly work on making and/or want to make or finish, and custom work at this point in my art career, be it small or large in dimensions, takes up too much of my time do, so, after careful consideration I have decided to eliminate it from my business offerings if it does meet a certain cost criteria. Over the past years I have done a lot of this type of work and by nature like helping people if I can, so this is not an easy thing for me to do and I sincerely nevertheless wish you the best with your project; whatever it may be... 

Examples of specific artworks I am looking forward to making include ideas that range from and within Paleontology (fountain sculpture scenes to include eras from antiquity in Egypt, Persia, Greece, and Rome), some Mythology inspired fountain works from the Near East, Far East and various ports of time with in Western Civilization, a few works from the natural world of biology featuring creatures from a Diatom to a Great While Shark... and also finishing some painting's and mixed media painting's and other 2D art, along with some works in mixed media with copper and other material mediums...and last but not least adding new product designs to my retail artwork selection.

(Please read below the photos as further detail is available in regard to custom work specifics)


PERSONALIZING ART: If possible and I have time to I am happy to try and may be able to accommodate tiny modifications to existing design's, e.g. replacing a Dragonfly with a Butterfly, or similar simpler things of that nature, such as replacing one flower or leaf for another type, and I do not consider doing this kind of modification "Custom Work", but I certainly appreciate how it can be equally special and as such akin to custom work, and apologize that it is not something I can often or readily do or accomplish. I try to have a large assortment of designs to choose from to help in making that less of a need for others and myself if possible-- however and nonetheless in whatever circumstance I try to do my best to be helpful to anyone if I can, and whether I relate it in detail or in brief communication forms, I strive to be clear about what can be done and/or/if it is possible to do it at all... Thank you for visiting the website, and my best wishes to you and yours!!

These are images of the waterfall sculpture in process of being crafted/sculpted, and were taken during the first water test.


<In the future and not specifically for custom work either, I am planning on making some extra pieces purely as "drop-in" inserts, so that a customer can have the option of placing them with in different reservoir base settings as well as get or have different material reservoirs made from other companies... Copper bowls and/or reservoirs will still be available from me too.>

One Ibis Bird that will be added to it between the "rock-arms", shown to be wading in the pool looking for food.

Baby Sea Turtles and a variety of shells, as well as some sand dollars will be added too in other places to help bring the scene more to life.

Beneath is a close-up picture of how the rocak waterfall area functions, and another image from how how the water glows at night amid different lighting. will change drastically in form from how it is seen here as it comes to fruition.

Custom Work Ordering Information in specific regard to custom work available:

This is when a totally new design and endeavor is undertaken for a customer by designing and making something from scratch or square one, and/or when a piece is built entirely to fit or be made in specific ways the customer wants and needs.

Custom one-of-a-kind, original, entirely new or "from scratch" artwork can be a very detailed, time consuming process, as well as expensive. Generally there is not a cost from the artist for the time involved in designing new artwork, but this aspect does require time from the artist nonetheless. Serious inquiries only please. Thank you for your interest and consideration of having Ward Studios something to life for you.


Creating and/or making a new piece of art: 

Upon beginning for a customer I find out what they'd like to make and figure costs into the potential project, followed by creating sketches of various ideas of how the art and/or fountain could (and may) look when completed.  Particular details and agreements can be worked into the commission of a piece of art and more details will follow on this when I have time to completely hone those aspects. For now this substitutes as a general outline of what a custom project commission could or may may entail. Often it is generally begun by a deposit, with half of the total, e.g. $10,000.00 paid with the remainder due upon completion of the artwork but before shipping has been handled.


This is handled by specialty crating and shipping companies that specialize in moving and packing things that are too large for traditional carriers, and thus require freight costs and movement's. I do not involve myself in this aspect of custom work and rather refer my customers to the experts in such things so it can be handled more efficiently for my customers. (Please see shipping page for more details)


 This can vary in cost depending on the destination and services entailed to pack them; the particular fountain shown here is an example of something that would require special packing and freight needs. It went from here in the Phoenix Valley area to the coast of North Carolina, and to give an example idea of potential cost's, it had a cost of about $2000.00 to crate and ship.


Further Notes:

Additional aspects of commissioned artwork, may or may not include such things as below, and/or be dependent on what the project is and/or needs. My goal is to make creating something with people a good experience all the way around, and so some projects can also entail other aspects that are worth considering a head of time for any new potential project. Commissioned purchase agreements may also be premade and relevant and can vary based on customer needs and wants, as well as my own ability to fulfill any such requests. 


Though an unlikely occurrence, examples of such things for custom commissioned artwork can include projects that change or evolve in nature as they are constructed, and so some are subject to pricing and quote changes as need be for the art costs in labor and material, and is based on the evolving customer needs and/or wants as well the artist's discretion to make it work. More specific ideas and set parameters for design and build do not require such things in advance and are preferable from my point of view. However, in the vary rare case they do or could, this can be broached before proceeding or finishing work, so that a suitable accommodation for both the customer and artist can be accomplished before finishing the project.




Durations for completing custom work, unless expressly guaranteed in writing, (with the use of the language saying "guaranteed by, ect.) with a date for artwork completion, it is not guaranteed, but time-frames are offered to help set a guideline for completion, but if not "expressly guaranteed", timing remains at the artist's (Joseph Ward) discretion. If a due date is needed by a customer for completing work, and would like this guaranteed, it may incur a high premium in extra costs, and must be requested in advance from the customer with their own specific date, at which point, language guaranteeing the date can be specified as well as a suitable price for the art work in advance of creation. If discounts have been requested by the customer, this may negate guideline timing for completing and receiving artwork; however every effort is made to avoid such things and have, whatever is created with and for a customer, be at it's absolute best in all regards of crafting and business dealing's...


I'll add more detail on all custom work facets as I can. This is current as of Jan. 2021.


Thank you very much for considering me for your special project and/or artwork!

copper triangle vase and tissue cover custom made