PLEASE NOTE: from 6/26/19 that I am no longer doing custom work or am customizing any artwork. All forms of custom work can take an extreme amount of extra effort and time to create, and so I am sorry, but I'm presently not doing any type of custom work now (though I may somewhat alter that sooner but in very specific ways) keeping it on hold until 2021, so I can focus on creating and finishing some personally special art projects as well as add new designs, and design lines to the overall selection of Ward Studios Art. Nevertheless, I appreciate all interest in this type of work, and apologize that I am not doing any of it now. I may resume it in 2021 but in more specifically tuned ways to be of better help to people getting what they're wanting to have made, as well as have it done in a more timely manner. Thank you for your interest, understanding and viewing.

I hope you enjoy looking at these photos!

Outside the workshop, on is a current ongoing project of an 8' foot tall copper Sabel Palmetto Pal Tree fountain-sculpture, surrounded by rocky tide pools. This project is near to done and much more of it's recent development can be seen on the Custom Work 1 page. ...the rock formations surrounding it will flow with a beautiful stream of trickling water. Ibis birds and other fauna will added to it as well to bring the scene to life. It is in process, and when complete new photos and video of it will be added.

The other Floral Spout waterfall fountain is a completed project that involved 2 sets of 10 floral water spouts, created as separate drop-in/inserts for different water reservoir bases, but one set is shown here flowing simultaneously for example.

...more images to come on all past custom work stuff...

Custom Copper Door and Door Gates