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 Large Scale Indoor Outdoor Copper Fountains


I strive to create each water fountain to be its absolute best, with the concept of  it sounding as pretty as it looks, since that is half the art of a water feature. These go great anywhere, be it a patio setting, atrium, by a pool, courtyard, foyer, and entryways. Designed for business or home locations.  Each piece is handmade by myself, with various metal working techniques used such as embossing, torch coloring, and special chemical treatments to bring out the copper's natural oxidation or patina.  Submersible lights can be ordered separately from our supplier. These help enhance the relaxing feel of your fountain, casting flickering ripples of the flowing water and shadows of its decor around your area.


These are quite large water features ranging in size from 24-30" inches in diameter and 48" inches tall. All are made handmade from 100% copper. They're cut, hammered, brazed with a gas torch, and specialTy oxidized colors are added on top of the copper to bring out the natural patinas the metal develops over time.  These are self-contained water features and require no constant water supply hooked up to them -- though they can be adapted to have one. Each piece comes plug-in ready with its pump attached. Gallon per hour  varies in flow from 200 to 400 gph. Comprehensive fountain care instructions and the best recommendations are included as well.  They each take a healthy amount of overall water volume which allows them to function for long periods of time with out the need to fill them too often. Additionally, although copper is very strong, it is relatively light weight compared to other fountain materials, and so these pieces have the option to be stored, or moved with relative ease to a new location.

Copper LArge Scale Fountain Gallery  1

In lieu of new completed designs, I will make and add some sketches for them, along with adding much older ideas I wanted to make but have not yet had the time to do...

Copper LArge Scale Fountain Gallery 2
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