Large Sized Copper Table Fountains


Inspired by a wide range of themes and subjects, the artist Joseph Ward strives to create each water fountain with the concept of  it being created the sound being half the art of a water feature, so at Ward Studios each piece is made to be as pretty visually to eyes as it sounds to the ears. These go great anywhere, be it a counter space, patio setting, or foyer; the large table size has a pleasant babbling brook sound, enough to fill a living room, porch setting, or business lobby area. This size is an ideal solution to have a full-filling fountain sound with out taking up too much space in your designated area. 


Each piece is handmade by the artist, with various metal working techniques used such as embossing, torch coloring, and adding a special chemical treatment to bring out the copper's natural oxidation or patina.  They all come with a 90 - 150 gallon per hour submersible pump already hooked up, so all they need is to be filled with water and plugged in. Most designs come with 2 copper tea light candle holders welded to the back rim. These help enhance the relaxing feel of your fountain, casting flickering shadows of the decor and water flow about your area.


The dimensions for each piece showcased here generally are 16 - 20" inches in bowl diameter, with a height of 18 - 32" inches. Most bowls have a flared bowl contour with a smooth textured look, and some bowls are created with a segmented bowl, made in polygonal shapes with a slight flare. The segmented bowls take a bit more copper and time to create yet they hold a little more water volume overall. Both are excellent choices in function and form while offering different aesthetics.

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With a total amount of twenty designs available on this page, each has been listed with a little description followed by a reference number such as C-1 for example. The slideshow format will allow you to read more detail about each piece. If you have any questions please visit the contact page and let us know, and we'll be happy to help.

Please see the Custom Work and Sculpture Pages to view more elaborate designs which include fully three-dimensional copper sculpture in a fountain setting.

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