*This webstore is under construction! and only open (now) for example. Please visit my Etsy shop for available artwork. 

 Another indirect venue is:

A local couple's gift shop and store featuring "Arizona Only" made products, Sibley's West of Downtown Chandler, Az., has carried my artwork over the years and you may find something there, though I don't know what they have left in-stock. Either way it's a great place to visit whether you're seeing a fountain or not! Here's a link to their website:



thecopperfountain.com's Online store:

(Optional Shipping via FedEx and USPS)

< FedEx has lower rates on larger packages. Please proceed through checkout for price comparison and options. >

***Please note*** I have toned down the store somewhat, effectively "closing" for a few weeks till the end of June (approximately) to complete a longstanding, 3 year fountain project, that I have worked on, on and off over that time period. I apologize for any inconvenience if you are seeking art now! If I can be of help, I'll certainly try to, but I have very limited time available to respond to queries since I have actively placed a self-imposed hiatus from the office... This webstore has been under construction and will hopefully be finished later in the Sumer.
If you'd like more information about ordering and/or part of my ordering and shipping process, please visit my main website's pages:


www.thecopperfountain.com/online-stores and/or www.thecopperfountain.com/shipping-information (normally 3-5 day shipping windows...) and if you want to see the project I mentioned, I added some process-photos and info on it to a few pages:



Mostly I want to say: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for visiting and/or purchasing during this profoundly dissonant change in life brought on by the pandemic, and I sincerely wish everyone out there my safest well-wishes and the best of all days ahead!!


When thecopperfountain.com's online store (not Etsy) is opened officially it'll also be in conjunction with some of this Companies Software.

If you prefer shopping on Etsy here is a link to Ward Studios Etsy store, where I'm equally happy to offer art, and have been since 2013. (Shipping via USPS)


< Also, I apologize but Ward Studios is an "online only" art venue direct from the artist, and is not open to the public, but nonetheless thank you for considering  coming by!>