*This webstore is under construction, but will only be finished after the first webstore is completely done. Right now it is open for example viewing, and when done, to help me manage them, it will be like the Etsy cart in price and ordering time-frames, but otherwise will have two real time shipping option's with FedEx and USPS.

Please visit my Etsy shop for artwork that is available to order. 

<Some-one-of-a-kind, and/or elaborate time-consuming pieces will exclusively be offered through Etsy, so as not to have double listing's on such hard to replace and/or irreplaceable items>

<Etsy does not use Fedex for auto-calculated shipping, but if you'd like a FedEx quote before buying there I can still get you one and apply it to your order before purchase>

 Another indirect venue is:

A local couple's gift shop and store featuring "Arizona Only" made products, Sibley's West of Downtown Chandler, Az., has carried my artwork over the years and you may find something there, though I don't know what they have left in-stock. Either way it's a great place to visit whether you're seeing a fountain or not! Here's a link to their website:



thecopperfountain.com's Online store:

Helpful info; please read: This store is in process of being updated to allow for steady viewing online, more flexible ease of ordering, covid and other contingencies, while providing new individual listing preliminary purchase details. This webstore is under construction as possible and will be finished by the end of Fall or early Winter.

Order info: At times my available inventory can vary by wide degrees. Things that have an approximate 2-4 week time-frame range are generally not in stock. I am always in the process of making the smaller fountains and other art, but some other designs with longer shipping durations take more time and sometimes have to be made from scratch, and so are set further back in time for sending out. If a special date or time is needed for your order, please let me know so I can try to prioritize it for you, and/or try accommodate your needs as best as can be done. More panoramic information can be found here about the ordering and shipping info process, on the website's page: www.thecopperfountain.com/shipping-information


I am a "staff of one" and work hard at staying productive and appreciate all inquiries, and will do my best to respond as soon as, and if possible. I wish I could send everyone a personal Thank You for sharing my art with others (however you choose to share it!) be it through any communication medium... My focus will always be getting you the best art possible for your enjoyment, and always nonetheless, wholeheartedly appreciate the very gracious kindnesses bestowed past and present, as well as interest in my work (amid the pandemic too) and I want to wish everyone out there my very best and safest well wishes. Thank you! ~jw

(Optional Shipping via FedEx and USPS)

< FedEx has lower rates on larger packages. When this online store is finished proceeding through checkout will give options for FedEx and USPS Shipping>
If you'd like more information about ordering and/or part of my ordering and shipping process, please visit my main website's pages:


www.thecopperfountain.com/online-stores and/or www.thecopperfountain.com/shipping-information

Mostly I want to say: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for visiting and/or purchasing during this profoundly dissonant change in life brought on by the pandemic, and I sincerely wish everyone out there my safest well-wishes and the best of all days ahead!!


When thecopperfountain.com's online store (not Etsy) is opened officially it'll also be in conjunction with some of this Companies Software.

If you prefer shopping on Etsy here is a link to Ward Studios Etsy store, where I'm equally happy to offer art, and have been since 2013. (Shipping via USPS)


< Also, I apologize but Ward Studios is an "online only" art venue direct from the artist, and is not open to the public, but nonetheless thank you for considering  coming by!>