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Copper Quail, Chicks, Saguaro Cacti and Monsoon Thunderstorm Fountain (available by order, please see details for shipping/inventory)

SKU 056575859
copper, 35 GPH indoor pump, decorative copper pump cover, gloss metal finish
In stock
Product Details

A simple but elegant version of the small Quail fountain. Flowing with alternating water that sounds like a gentle trickling stream. Handcrafted with various metal working techniques. Torch and patina effects added for stunning metal contrasts.

-10.75" diameter, 14" tall

-35 Gallon Per Hour Pump Included (arrives attached and ready for immediate use)

-Universal Copper 1/2" Pump Inlet

- 2 votive tea light candle holders brazed to the back bowl rim
(These can add an extra layer of relaxation, and fit battery-operated ones too)

-High Quality Gloss Metal Finish

-A self contained fountain. It is as easy as filling up and plugging in.

-60 ounce water volume capacity

-It has the same and/or similar sized decorative parts/accoutrements as most of the similar medium table sized fountains do (e.g. flowers) but is smaller in overall size dimensions

(Photos for example. A new piece will greatly resemble the one displayed here. The last photo on here is for scale comparison with most fountain sizes available)

<The last photo is an example of an Outlet Extender --Not Included-- that can be used as a wireless remote control on/off switch for any fountain. It can be purchased separately from many retail outlets online or in-stores>

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For comparison purposes here is a link to it on Etsy: www.etsy.com/listing/1048481490/copper-quail-chick...

Copper is a timeless metal as it does not rust, is relatively soft and malleable, yet durable and strong to the end, making it an ideal metal and medium to work in for sculpture and fountain art. Copper is extremely conducive to color, giving a variety of hues, noted in the heat of a torch, right down to the chemical oxidation, using applied specialty liquids to achieve the beautiful blues and greens of patina. My work is produced to give you many years of enjoyment. Thank you for visiting!



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