I accept all payment methods provided by and through whichever platform I use to sell artwork items through. Currently ETSY is the only one available and I hope to have the other one done sometime this year, but since having one cart alone is challenging as is, it is difficult to name a specific date when the other cart will be ready. (It is shown at the pages lower portion and is functional to browse but not buy from yet)

However, I certainly want it up and running since it offers two shipping services both with real-time shipping auto-rate calculator options available to view and/or for people to choose from, with FedEx (not directly available on or through Etsy) and USPS. Both are my preferred carriers and while a lot of what they offer is similar to one another, they also each offer their own unique specialties and/or may be better equipped to handle specific needs that are varied and based upon what shipping needs you have or may require. See the shipping page for more details. If you'd like a FedEx quote please send me the item your interested in and a Zip Code and I will obtain it for you.

<Etsy does not use Fedex for auto-calculated shipping, but if you'd like a FedEx quote before buying there I can still get you one and apply it to your order before purchase>

(Optional Shipping via FedEx and USPS)

< FedEx has lower rates on larger packages. When this online store is finished proceeding through checkout will give options for FedEx and USPS Shipping>

If you'd like more information about ordering and/or part of my ordering and shipping process, please visit my main website's pages:


www.thecopperfountain.com/online-stores and/or www.thecopperfountain.com/shipping-information

Mostly I want to say: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for visiting and/or purchasing during this profoundly dissonant change in life brought on by the pandemic, and I sincerely wish everyone out there my safest well-wishes and the best of all days ahead!!


Here is a link to Phoenix Copper Art's Etsy store, where I'm equally happy to offer art, and have been since late 2013. (Shipping via USPS. FedEx by request only.)

<Certain items and artwork are only available on Etsy. This includes: One-of-a-kind pieces and 2D Art>


Medium Size Table Fountains

A wide range of copper fountain design's, themes and prices in a size range of about 12" inches in diameter/width to around 16-18" in height. The sound these pieces make generally will nicely fill and enhance living room sized areas, or other similar sized spaces.

When thecopperfountain.com's online store (not Etsy) is opened officially it'll also be in conjunction with some of this Companies Software.