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Sea Horses, Sea Grass and Purple Anemone Copper Wall Hanging Art Sculpture (not in stock, available by order)

SKU 56000056575859
copper, gloss metal finish
In stock
Product Details

The Sea Horses here are an excellent example of some detailed hammering work. Though somewhat counter intuitive, the smaller low relief hand hammered Chasing and Repousse sculptures are in metal, the longer they can take to make in good detail.


- 12" inches tall

- 18" inches wide

- 1 and 1/2" inch depth out from wall

- Two copper hooks/brackets on the backside for wall mounting

For comparison purposes see this same artwork on Etsy: www.etsy.com/listing/1024431204/sea-horses-sea-gra...

Copper Wall Art Features:

-Rich/thick Patina and Fire/Torch Painted Contrasts
-Multiple Coats Clear Metal Enamel for Lasting Finish
-Multiple Copper Brackets & Hooks Welded to Backside for Easy Mounting
-Hand Hammered Semi-Three-Dimensional Sculpting/Embossing


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