About Our Copper Sculpture

The focus of this page is three-dimensional copper sculpture. Everything is created by hand using some very old tech equipment and techniques. These are brought to life by employing the Chasing and Repousse, which is also akin to metal embossing.  Essentially it is creating 3D sculptures from flat sheet metal, and is a lengthy hammering process to achieve low to high reliefs as well as fully three-dimensional sculpture. The Statue of Liberty was created using a similar system. We do things in a little smaller scale yet strive to make each piece as beautiful and lasting as possible! 


We seal each sculpture with an enamel clear coat finish. This protects the copper and keeps it from oxidizing and developing a patina over lengths of time.  The same is true for wall hanging sculpture. With fountains on the other hand, the water becomes a catalyst and as it removes the finish, a beautiful patina evolves primarily where the water resides and flows. The option is available to have sculptures left unsealed so they will will turn naturally on their own as well.

Multiple view points of most artworks are showcased.  You will also find a few examples of fully realized 3D sculpture set in fountains. A lot of that style can be found through out the site too, and more semi-3D works can be seen on the Wall Art and Decor Page.


(This page is currently being edited. Please visit the Online Stores for more information or contact me with any questions. Thanks!)