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Collage Examples of Some of the Broad Selection of Art and Themes to Choose From, Showcasing Custom and Artist Inspired Projects
Copper Fountain Waterfall Palm Tree Sculpture with Ibis and Tern birds,Baby Hatchling Sea
Copper Sculptor and Artist Joseph Ward with Extra Large Waterfall Fountain Sculpture.July
Welcome to the Copper Phoenix Art website

I began teaching myself to work in copper in 2004, and I have been working away with it since. A lot of artwork was initially made from my own interests and then a lot of work was made to help people bring their ideas to life... some were and are a combination of the two. I think art made individually is never done alone since it is inspired by so many other things, ideas and other peoples work. Often art is an individual process as much as it is symbiotic one, or both, and certainly it is always meant to be shared and appreciated by others however it is created.

The purpose of my art is to bring a little oasis from the Az. desert here to where ever a fountain or art may go... They are all handmade and unique unto themselves. The has 18 different sections of distinct copper artwork and information.

Copper is my primary medium of choice. It is an amazing material and element, as it does not rust, is both malleable and durable, highly conducive to color, heat and electricity, with antimicrobial properties, versatile, abundant, replicable, and last but not least the first metal humankind ever learned to harness and wield... And that is before even mentioning that it is very fun to work with!

I focus on copper fountains, wall art, sculpture and a variety of interior and exterior decor and more...

My goal as an artist, is to offer and create high quality art which enhances your space, and brings enjoyment and relaxation to you and others.
Thank You for taking the time to review my work. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you.

Joseph Ward

Basic Order Info:

Please see online stores for item details and more product information, as shipping and timing can vary as inventory varies.

Unless I am very busy most items can be made and ready to ship in about 1 to 3 weeks. I am often in the process of making of the small and medium table fountains and other art and decorative parts, but some designs with much longer shipping durations take more time to make (often having to be made totally from scratch) and so are set further back in time for finishing and sending. 

If a special date or time is needed for your order, please let me know so I can try to prioritize it for you, and/or try accommodate your needs as best as can be attempted to do.
Copper Phoenix Art shopping cart logo_edited.jpg
Art Accolades
-Some of his abstract work appeared in Phoenix Magazine, for the August 2012 Issue

-Made Copper Awards for the Scottsdale Open Golf Tournament 7 years Running 2012-2018

-Best of Show in Metal, Sedona Arts Festival 2011

-Appeared on PBS Arizona Illustrated TV show, Postcard Segment, Tucson, Az. 2011

-Made Copper Star Awards for Tucson Convention and Visitors Bureau 2009, 2010

-Worthy mention in various Arizona newspapers, including San Tan Valley News, Sierra
Vista Herald, Daily Sun Flagstaff, Prescott Daily Courier, and News-Herald in Lake Havasu City

-Thanks to the support of my art from many people, I have been able to donate various pieces to some wonderful charities with a focus on helping children and animals. See artist page for more details as I like to share those links

Mind All Heart - 2018-08-12-.jpg
DSCF6535 (1280x1095).jpg
copper triangle vase and tissue cover cu

~More Collage of various past Artworks~

Piano Keyboard Cascade, Custom Copper Fountain.jpg
Copper Fountain Large Waterfall with 5 T
DSCF6618 (972x1280) (1).jpg
Copper Angel Fish Wall Hanging Art 1 (12
Copper Phoenix Mythical Bird Sculpture Waterfall Fountain 2 DSCF3267.JPG
Copper cube water fall fountain, large table size .JPG
Water Lily Pad Cascade Copper Fountain 2
Orcas Copper Wall Sculpture.jpg
Copper Kokopelli Wall Art, $25.jpg

Thank you for visiting the website!

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