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<The info here is a quick reference for getting a new pump and/or replacing a pump as well as ideas for fountain or pump accoutrements such as "on/off" pump switches>

More comprehensive detailed pump care and fountain maintenance information can be found on the Care Instruction Page.
(To be added here too in time...)

Use the Pump Size and it's GPH to determine the new size you need: 

-Small Fntn. (approximate size: 10"diameter/10x10" width, 6-14" tall)
40 GPH/50-64oz. water volume capacity
-Medium Fntn. (approx. size: 12-14"dia./12-14"x12-14" wide,
70 GPH./ 80oz. water volume capacity
-Lg. Table/Floor Fntn. (approx. size 16-22" dia. 22-30" tall)
90-150 GPH Range, 1-2 Gallon Water Volume capacity

I highly recommend this brand and use them on most of my fountains. They are great pumps overall. They recently added some new models too for the medium and small table sizes. Staying with them is also the easiest way to change out your pump because the fitting from your old pump can sometimes be swapped to the new pump :

<Using the same brand is highly recommended though - they are great pumps! Keeping your old pump makes it easiest to replace it with a new one because the hose sizes and pump inlet will readily match the new pump from the old pump.

If a different brand was or is used then adapt the clear hoses to fit the new pump instead>

Photo Example of How Fountain Pump's are Connected.

- Copper Pipe is the Water Inlet

- Clear Hose is the Pump Outlet

These pump's are made to operate only when fully submerged. The pump placement (as a standard in all fountains I make) is designed so the pump can be fully submerged, with the pump's water intake at the lowest point possible in the bottom of the bowl, to allow it to function for the longest duration possible before water has to be added.

Photo Example of Where and How Decorative Copper Pump Cover is Set and Placed. 


Adding hoses to a pump for table fountains:

1). Small Fountains: the hoses need to be added onto and over the Connector Tube in order from smallest to largest (left to right in photo above)

Add each one at a time and cut short after each addition. i.e., only the smallest two are cut short after adding each separately.

The longest hose is the one that connects to the fountain's water intake pipe. Cut to size and fit. (using the old pump hose as a guide for cutting the length can help)

2). Medium Fountains: these only use one hose and no others and so are the easiest to adapt. (1/2" I.D./inner diameter hose size)

3). Large Table fountains: these generally only use or require two sizes, with the smaller (1/2" I.D.) going on first over the Connector Tube, and then only the first clear hose is cut short, followed by 5/8" inch I.D. hose remaining longer and added afterward. Then adjust the size to fit int he bowl while hooked up. Cut to proper length and reinstall pump.

(Some pump types/brands for larger table size fountains may have other connector sizes (though most include the sizes I specified) and hoses can be found and bought to suite those sizes too. Consult a hardware store retailor for fitting and sizing if need be.) 

Places to buy hoses:

Lowes Home Improvement and other such stores carry and sell these by the foot and are the best places to get them at. (Home Depot does not sell it by the foot - only the coil, so I don't recommend going there for the clear hoses)

70 gallon per hour pump uses only 1/2" tubing

fountain pump hose attachments 1. 201902

   5/16" I.D.    3/8" I.D.     1/2" I.D. 

35 gallon per hour pump uses 3 tubing sizes

fountain pump hose attachments 2 2019021

Extra Pump Info about pump "On/Off" switches

The pumps do not have an on/off switch on them, and the plug is basically the on/off switch. There are few brands that do have it and my preferred brand Fountain Mountain, recently added a model of the 70 gph with a cord switch, but in general for most water fountain pumps, switches are not available on them, but I hope these ideas help to resolve it for you if it is a preference. I have a few ideas mentioned for your consideration to choose what may be best for you:

-Buy an extension cord that has an switch on it, or a wireless remote controlled outlet extender, or outlet extenders with a timer, power strips, using outlets connected to a light switch...


-There are a lot of options and different products, and many are available in stores and/or an internet search will yield many options for you to choose from too. 

-A few examples of items that may suite your purposes are linked here, along with a photo of one such unit.

The brand shown here

is called "Hyper Tough". It is a Wireless Outelt extender with a remote control.

I've tested it on various fountains and it worked great, though individual results may vary according to uses, placement, ect. 

Many other brands are compatible with other home/office software systems too.

Wireless remote control outlet extender for fountain on and off switch use. DSCF2533.JPG

Online Copy of Manufacturor's (Fountain Mountain) Pump Information

Though the flow chart here is for a 40gph pump, the info is uniform to their other similar pumps with different GPH rates of flow.

Fountain Mountain's Pump Info Paper 1 (4
Fountain Mountain's Pump Info Paper 1-b
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