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Copper Sundial, 2 feet diameter and Copper Dogwood Tree Stand with Flowers and Leaves, c
Copper Tiger Wall Sculpture 1
Maritime 6
Viking Longship Copper Fountain and Scul
Copper Saguaro Waterfall Fountain Sketch
Copper Palm Tree Sculptures

Custom Work

Announcement/November 2023:


Currently I am not doing any custom work or taking any commissions for it, until I can hire help to free up time for it, finish my own longstanding art projects, add new fountain designs, and open up a few new online retail art venues that have other new design products... another part of my transition here  is to also make more one-of-a-kind artworks, and so more of those, in all sizes, will be available in the future. 


This could take a year, but maybe more to accomplish. I appreciate the interest and apologize that I cannot be of help in this regard now or into the near future... however, once accomplished it will help expand custom work by displaying more possibilities for it, based off of my personal art projects. Of which I have many to do! This also allows me to enhance the whole process of taking care of my current customer orders.

I am leaving this information about custom work up so as to be helpful in alerting anyone with a prospective inquiry that this facet of my art is not available, so as to save them time from making an inquiry, as I appreciate others time as much as my own time.

The Etsy shop is an extension of my primary website here, and so custom work or commissions also are no longer available there either.

I appreciate your understanding and interest and I, very sincerely, wholeheartedly, though I cannot be of assistance with it, wish you well with your special project.

My standard artwork designs are still being produced and available to order from the online shopping cart/site.


Phoenix Magazine-Copper Art-Ward-1_edited.jpg
Copper Sculptor and Artist Joseph Ward w
Sun Dial Copper Process Picture. thumbnail_20231111_171346.jpg

Here are process images of a horizontal sundial project in process of being created. It will be set over a blooming dogwood tree as a stand with leaves and flowers beneath the clock (that will have a celestial theme) and together be similar to merging the earth with the heavens... and is my last custom work project... it has been calibrated to a specific latitude so that it can look beautiful and function well too.


See more of finished work on the Waterfall page

This Floral spout photo shows the flowers set in the layout (and outlined by copper in the bowl) in the space they would be in upon installation. This was to make sure they were accurate before being shipped. 

Copper Palm Tree Island Sculpture Waterf
Copper Rock Arms and Sabel Palmetto Palm

This waterfall project I designed in whole but created it from a basic direction provided by the customer, and designed it in whole around and from the want for a palm tree fountain with island creatures.

<In the future and not specifically for custom work either, I am planning on making some extra pieces purely as "drop-in" inserts, so that a customer can have the option of placing them with in different reservoir base settings as well as get or have different material reservoirs made from other companies... Copper bowls and/or reservoirs will still be available from me too.>

Copper Saguaro Waterfall Fountain Sketch, shown  without decorative parts; as yet to be de

One Ibis Bird added to it between the "rock-arms", was made to be wading in the pool looking for food.

Baby Sea Turtles and a variety of shells, as well as some sand dollars were added too in other places to help bring the scene more to life.

Beneath is a close-up picture of how the rock waterfall area functions, and another image from how how the water glows at night amid different lighting. drastically changed in form from how it is seen here.

Ibis Bird Sculpure with Baby Sea Turtles
Copper Fountain Waterfall rock-tide pool
Copper Raining Waterfall Fountain 202004
Night time photo of preliminary water te
20 CopperFloral Water Fountain Nozzles S.webp

The floral spouts were based upon a customers basic design blueprints in overall size, functional needs, and specific area they had to fit in (this was recreated for testing) and the rest of it I created to also aesthetically adapt to their overall design and concept... both of which made it a very unique custom project. They shipped to Doha, Qatar.

20 Copper Floral Water Flower Fountain N.webp
Process photos 20 Copper Floral Water Fl (1).webp
Process Photos 20 Copper Floral Water Fl.webp
Process photos 20 Copper Floral Water Fl (2).webp
Copper Tree Art Wall Hanging Sculpture

Only the Sun's lettering (and size) and Piano Keys were custom in the images below, but I add more varied art to help show a diverse breadth of work as examples of other custom possibilities...

A lot of pieces were not custom creations but were thigns I personally wanted to make, yet they also serve as good examples of possibilities for other custom projects... like the sea turtle, palm tree and trees and rock waterfalls, and suns...

Custom Copper Door and Door Gates.jpg


Thank you for considering me as a potential source for bringing your idea to life,


Current Services:

  • Full scale creation of entirely new and/or one-of-a-kind artworks, composed of water fountain sculpture art, chasing and repoussé sculptural fountain art, low to high relief wall art, fully three-dimensional sculpture artwork, and other decorative copper art 

  • Design and build to fit specific places and/or settings with extra attention to detail (does not include on site work or fabrication capabilities)

  • Crafting design range includes small to extremely large copper artworks  

  • Artwork aesthetics can range from stylized and simple but elegant, to extremely detailed life-like artwork or combinations of both or intermediaries with-in such parameters

  • Modifying and/or combining existing artworks in my existing design pool into something new (This also can include personalizing art)



Thank you for considering having me make something extra special for you or another. While this is akin to custom work I base this on operating off of pre-existing designs seen and available here and not on creating a whole new artwork design from scratch, and so, if possible and I have time to, I am happy to try to accommodate small modifications to existing design's, e.g. replacing a Dragonfly with a Butterfly, cattails for a leaf vine, or similar simpler things of that nature, such as replacing one flower or leaf for another type, ect. and so, with relatively equal material and time changes to design accent parts, I do not have extra cost's involved or add them for customers to modify such decorative components-- but since time is scarce for me in multiple ways please try to keep such requests as modest as possible. This is only available for art that is a pre-order and is not in stock.

<Extra info for contemplating potential modifications:


Depending on the request, it can or may affect the shipping timeframes, and if it disproportionally alters the relative amount of material and time involved to do it, it could also increase the items purchase cost's and/or shipping if the overall size changes. However, I will do my best to help you if and when I can and appreciate your interest and understanding. Thank you.>

More Detail Specific to Custom Work: Ordering Information and Policies, etc.

This is when a totally new design and endeavor is undertaken for a customer by designing and making something from scratch or square one, and/or when a piece is built entirely to fit or be made in specific ways the customer wants and needs.


Creating and/or making a new piece of art: 

Upon beginning for a customer, I find out what they'd like to make and figure costs into the potential project, followed by creating sketches of various ideas of how the art and/or fountain will resemble when completed.  Particular details and agreements can be worked into the commission of a piece of art and more details will follow on this when I have time to completely hone those aspects. For now, this substitutes as a general outline of what a custom project commission could entail. Often it is generally begun by a deposit, with half of the total or a third of the total paid with the remainder due upon completion of the artwork, but before shipping has been handled.


Custom one-of-a-kind, original, entirely new or "from scratch" artwork can be a very detailed, time-consuming process, as well as expensive. Since this aspect does require more time, custom work can take much longer to start and then produce compared general premade designs and retail artwork. 


From very small to very large, each piece and project has a means and way, and options for being handled in a careful and thoughtful, cost effective and efficient manner to suite whatever need there may be on a project.


If applicable to the needs of a custom piece, this can be is handled by specialty crating and shipping companies that are experts in moving and packing things that are too large for traditional carriers, and thus require freight costs and use. I do not involve myself in this aspect of custom work by crating, and rather refer my customers to the experts in such things so it can be handled more efficiently for my customers. (Please see shipping page for more details) This can vary in cost depending on the destination and services entailed to pack them.


The particular tall Palm Tree fountain shown here is an example of something that would require special packing and freight needs. It went from here in the Phoenix Valley area to the coast of North Carolina, and to give an example idea of potential cost's, it had a price of about $2000.00 (in early pre-covid 2020) to insure, crate and ship. 

Everything else that does not fit into freight categories I do myself and do it as well as I can. For example, the floral nozzle pieces were made as individual parts of a whole, and did not need freight packaging and conveyance, but still required a huge "oversize" box with extra packaging material, and needed to travel very far, going a long way around the world to the Qatar in Middle East. So wherever (and whatever) a project's needs may be, it can be done, and I do my best to be as thorough and helpful as possible and provide whatever options I can for customers. 



This can vary a lot depending on the project. I do very high-quality work on everything and utilize the same of standard of quality in materials for each specific need, and use, on each project, and try to keep prices as good as I can as well as offer options whenever possible. Since projects can be so diverse in detail, needs, sizes, functionality, etc., determining cost can only be done on an individual project basis. To help save time both ways, if possible, I try to give a preliminary basic quote so there's an initial idea of it, but until the details and design of a piece are determined and set, getting a final amount (or moving to a payment or deposit) can't be done exactly. For example, costs can be minimal to high: from something like designing/making a new flower to making a gargantuan elaborate piece of art or functional artwork. e.g. going from about $100.00 to $25K+ and more.


The only limit is the amount of examples I have here and opportunities to make more art, as not much has been added in greater depth yet since copper is quite expensive, so I am slowly working on some exceptional fine art examples in large sizes (and other designs staples in water features and art) that go beyond what is shown here in detail and design functionality, that can start to show more of the capability and breadth of the work that can be done. (That may take much time but I'll update when I can and add to it when and as possible as time goes on).


Basically, I am happy to make anyone anything they like and want, as long as I have time to, be it small or large, detailed or simplistic.

Further Notes on Potential Cost Adjustments:

Additional aspects of commissioned artwork may or may not include such things as below, and/or be dependent on what the project is and/or needs. My goal with all such work is to make people happy and achieve their goals with the artwork and/or project, enhance their space, and help bring to life their idea - or - make and design on my own version (from their directed basic theme) a custom artwork that also can fulfill the goals.


Some projects can also entail other aspects that are worth considering a head of time for any new potential project. Commissioned purchase agreements may also be premade and relevant and can vary based on customer needs and wants, as well as my own ability to fulfill any such requests. 


Though an unlikely occurrence, examples of such things for custom commissioned artwork can include projects that change or evolve in nature as they are constructed, and so can be potentially subject to pricing and quote changes as need be for the art costs in labor and material. This is based on the evolving customer needs and/or wants along with the artist's discretion as how to best accomplish and make such things work. More specific ideas and preset parameters for design and builds do not require such things in advance, or rarely do, and are preferable from my point of view, so I do strive to get it basically set ahead of time -but- am also open to evolving work if and as needed. Either way, I check everything in advance as much as possible to make sure everything is done as best as it can be done. However, in the instance when projects can get altered during creation, this can be broached before proceeding or finishing work, so that a suitable accommodation for both the customer and artist can be accomplished before finishing the project.

Deposits for custom work:


These also vary on the piece and project. More material heavy and detailed work need greater deposits, (completion timeframes also affect it) so it best determined on an individual basis per project, and sometimes a deposit may not be needed if it is something relatively small and less expensive.


I always come through for my customers and for clarity on deposit policy: if a deposit is needed for artwork to be started and completed, it is non-refundable, and only returnable in trade for other finished artwork equal to the deposit, and such trade does not include shipping costs, which are still applicable for traded artwork, and the same applies on a finished custom piece. Once a piece is done and approved by the customer the balance and shipping are due before the item can be sent.




I work to reach and accommodate whatever timeframe is needed or wanted for any project. Because of the time involved in custom work if deadlines are needed this can impact and alter the price of the art, e.g. with shorter completion timeframes  generally having a higher price and visa versa.

Sometimes art can be delayed for various reasons. If a specific date is needed for completion of art, then such durations are best and often need to be, outlined in the project and cost adjusted if need be, in writing and in advance of beginning work on the project. Unless needed, completion dates are not guaranteed (unless specified as such) and such timeline needs will dramatically increase costs to the total of the art) but otherwise, basic-guideline approximate timeframes are wholeheartedly attempted to be adhered to as close as possible, nonetheless, and for the most part can be adequate enough without needing exorbitant yet necessary, extra costs for specific guaranteed times. 

Shipping is only able to be done in a way so that the art can be finished and sent at a time so it is capable via the shipper to arrive when needed. 

Custom work on online stores:


Etsy and Amazon Handmade, do not have a system or availability for doing deposits on artwork, and is made and geared for adding and having whatever item on there, be it n stock or made by order, be something that often needs a full purchase price paid before the artwork is made, has limited shipping options and depth for custom work applications in costs, timelines, and deposits, etc., so Copper Phoenix Art does not use Etsy for many custom orders, and if so, only on a very limited basis when the project is compatible, and that is normally for smaller and/or less elaborate art. 

Thank you very much for considering me for your special project and/or artwork!
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ old photo (restored to color) taken before it shipped from France to the USA, and one I thought really inspiring to see... quite amazing how many people it took to produce the final artwork: the totality of effort not being complete until it was settled on Liberty Island.

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