When thecopperfountain.com's online store (not Etsy) is opened officially it'll also be in conjunction with some of this Companies Software.

A new primary webstore/shopping cart is being developed to for Ward Studios on "thecopperfountain.com" and will be available sometime in 2020 after I finish a major project asoon as possible.



My inventory can vary at times. Every effort is made to ship your art with in the specified time-frames! If you need a certain time-frame accommodated for you and your order, please let me know ahead.

Each Piece is entirely handmade and equally a labor of love. As a consequence inventory can fluctuate, but in an effort to provide visuals and the ability for my customers to order any piece of art without having to wait for it to be relisted, I have many designs up to view and/or immediately purchase. Though not always, photographs are reused to limit the time involved for taking pictures of each piece (which are unique unto themselves) yet after years of recreating designs I have endeavored to hone each design to be equal to (or slightly better at a minimum) than it's photo. Often, I have what I refer to as "Fountain Frames" of fountains, which are completed with the exception of them only waiting for the decor scheme/theme to be added to them, making it easier to fill orders as they come in. (Please see the photo example on the left.) The majority of all tabletop fountain artwork shown on the shopping cart sites are in constant production! (And often in-stock and available).



Copper is an expensive medium to work in, and often depending on a variety of situation's it can take a relatively considerable amount of time to create each piece, prepare it for shipping and have it out for you, however after doing it for years I am quite efficient at it and I aim for excellence each time to let you buy with confidence.


My Guarantee is that each and every piece I make will be given an equal amount of effort and skill as well as be shipped in as timely a manner as possible! Your business and patience are always appreciated!


If a special date is needed for it's arrival thus requiring an expedited shipping time, please let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate it or let you know what options are available to make it happen and/or what possible ETA's there are.


I also try to keep everyone updated on their order's status if a delay will (or has) occurred.


< Also, I apologize but Ward Studios is an "online only" art venue direct from the artist, and is not open to the public, but nonetheless if so, considering wanting to come by, I thank you for interest!>

Visit the Main/Primary Online Store:

Copperfountain.com Webstore Link

The main online store features two real-time auto-rate calculator shipping options from USPS and FedEx so you can choose which carrier and their service that will work best for you!

I have been creating copper fountains and sculptures full time since 2004 and use nearly every piece of copper bought, and over time designs have been honed to be not just aesthetically pleasing, but also made proficiently. This coupled with lifelong experience, passion and dedication for making art, allows me to offer them at the best prices you will find anywhere. I go so far as to consider an shipping an art form too, and am proud of my years of online excellence!


All artwork is made from 100% percent high grade copper. They are strong and sturdy, and made in the finest quality possible, with top of the line copper materials; and since copper is a timeless metal, each piece is made to last for many, many years to come.


I hand cut, hammer, braze with a gas torch, sand, and use specialty acid applications and torch heated reactions for patina color contrasts, so there is no paint involved, and all the variety of colors are produced entirely through chemical reactions on the metal.

Please visit the Online Stores via our links below to view current art inventory for purchase. Please see the Copper Care Instruction Page for more Details and Company Information/Policies.

I'm always happy to help and welcome any questions.

Thank you for visiting!

Joseph Ward

 Ward Studios Policies and Company Standards Can Be Seen and Read below here and on the Copper Care Information Page and the Shipping Page on this website. They apply equally to any venue I sell my artwork through.


In short my concurrent aim is to have commerce with Ward Studios be a great experience for all, on any order, every time out.


Every person, business and order is equally important to me, and every effort will be made to make each purchase the best it can be in regard to all timing, cost, and customer service aspects!

For about 16 years I have been creating top-notch fountain's and art in all regards of quality, price and aesthetics, so this statement may be taken lightly and with a grain of salt, since this language is no fun but necessary for any business: I do not warranty fountains against them getting damaged by/and/or any accidents along with not having responsibility for anyone hurting themselves or others, (including animals) with them. It is relatively thin but safely crafted metal, and as with ANY such thing anywhere, please handle them - or it - with care and caution regardless! (Plus they'll look great and last longer!!!) 

On Fountain Pumps:  I do not warranty pumps at all either but do include them at cost with no mark-up to all my customers. I also do not assume any liability for any accident incurred with my products. However this information is related in detail on the Copper Care Page on this site and on Etsy, and purely intended to be of help to you in regard to safety and/or pump replacement, as well as caring for your fountain. Please visit that page and the Shipping Page for me information in those regards.

(Please read the pump manufacturer's included pump information. They are a separate company with separate policies.)



Exchanges gladly accepted: Contact me within: 14 days of delivery.
Trade accepted for art of equal or lesser value with in 14 days after you receive your artwork. The Buyer is responsible for paying return and forward shipping of new replacement art. (Original shipping is non-refundable. Ship items back within: 30 days of delivery. Buyer is responsible for return and forward shipping of new exchanged art).
I don't accept cancellations.
(But please contact me if you have any problems with your order).
Custom Work:
The same return policy applies to all custom work. However, any deposit for custom art is non-refundable, yet can be exchanged for art of equal or lesser value of the deposit from custom work. (This does not include any shipping cost, and deposit's and portion's of them cannot be applied to shipping. Buyer must still pay shipping if an exchange is made from a deposit or finished custom work project to a new piece of art).


Ward Studios creates Award Winning Art and I am very proud of the 14+ years of excellence in art, both online and at art shows, so I am very confident you'll be quite pleased with your art. As always I'm here to help and you can call or email directly. Ward Studios is proud to offer the highest quality copper art at the best price anywhere. Since each piece is made by hand by myself, and is 100% copper there is a lot of time and expense involved, and so I apologize but cannot offer refunds and all sales are final.


Trade/Exchange is accepted for art of equal or lesser value with in 14 days after you receive your artwork. The Buyer is responsible for paying return and forward shipping of new replacement art. (Original shipping is non-refundable.)

Receipts: In order to save on monetary costs and resources Ward Studios does not include a paper copy of your receipt with your order. However if you would like one, please let us know before shipping and it will be included with your artwork.



Ward Studios Bottom Line is to look after your Bottom Line too!


Joseph Ward


-Ward Studios-