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General Shipping/Small to Large Table Sized Pieces

BRIEF SUMMARY (please see more in-depth details after bullet-point summary)

-Shipping is done via USPS but FedEx is another option but it is only available on request. USPS is the only auto-rate shipping calculator Etsy uses.

-Tracking emails are sent after getting your shipping for you on your art. Tracking does not work until the Post Office scans in the items, so your package being trackable can vary by few days or less, and is dependent on when I deliver them to the Post Office. (Same with FedEx)

- I put a great amount of care and work into packing all artwork items. As such each item here has a box and packaging cost included in the shipping total. This aspect is very important to me so that your art can travel safely and arrive in goods shape and I have many years of experience doing it, so I am confident as well as cautious about it for customer and myself.

- Please monitor your tracking. Items are delivered routinely without a signature required for pick-up, and so they are left in their designated place by the shipper and then cataloged as "delivered" and completed by them.
<I cannot and do not take financial responsibility for items that are lost after having been delivered. If this is a concern for you please request a signature on delivery be added to your order to protect against any such unfortunate incident occurring and I will add it to your shipping order in advance of sending it>

-Items are insured against loss or damage.

-This is a process that takes a lot of time to manage and do and one I go out of my way to mitigate and prevent from happening. I have rarely ever had this event take place for a customer, but if it does, please notify me immediately so I can start working on resolving it, and read the article below for more specific details on this subject as it is complicated buy the nature of how shipping carriers offer and provide these services as well as my own policies and capabilities in regard to that subject.

- Shipping Privacy Info: I do not use or share your personal information for and from shipping in any way, (including phone numbers if applicable) shape or form, and only for it's intended purpose of getting your artwork to you. (Optionally if you would like the shipping carrier to have a contact phone number for you to help make finding you or notifying you easier, please send it to me, and I will add it to your order info if possible with the particular carrier).



Copper is an expensive medium to purchase and work in, and so, in light of and in respect to that, I have added a lot of elaborated information here that may be of help. Generally though, the summary information works very well, but some items and/or places/destinations have specific needs and getting more info may be useful. (Etsy does not have this in detail but does have links to the home website and this page) 

I process the majority of shipping first online and so auto-tracking emails are immediately sent to you upon getting your shipping paid on your behalf for your art. Often due to my schedules and being one person, the times that I can get things taken to the shipping company can vary and so your package may not be trackable until it is officially physically scanned into the shipper's system. I personally wait in line to get this done safely, and logged in so that your art can get moving faster while also being trackable at the soonest time possible, however do to my varying schedules the times I have for physically getting your art packed, and delivered to the shipper can vary, and I can't guarantee exact times I will have it out by, but always try to do my best to adhere to the basic shipping timelines provided here upon purchase, and/or update if there is to be a major delay in maintaining the shipping time-line or delivering the item to the carrier.

The Etsy auto-generated emails contain shipping details and direct links to their online tracking system via (or FedEx) and it is best and most helpful to utilize it to monitor your packages transportation to your location along with getting a pretty good ETA for it's arrival.

At this time, I only ship items via USPS and with FedEx either on request or by flat rate with FedEx Ground and/or FedEx Home Delivery. Etsy does not have an Auto-Rate Calculator available at purchase for FedEx, and this is not something a Seller here on Etsy can control (especially with their standard shop; the kind I use) so by default USPS is the standard shipping provider/company available for Etsy but mainly used for the smaller items as FedEx is much more competitively economically priced for larger packages. However, if you would like and/or prefer having your item that does not have FedEx preset to ship with sent via FedEx, it can only be done before making a purchase, or can be changed after purchase if the cost is relatively the same. The best way is to change that shipping carrier is in advance of buying artwork. Please write and request a cost specific to your location (please include your zip code and specific item of interest) you are interested in getting, and then this cost can be sent to you to review and consider ahead of buying, and/or it can also be modified on your artwork listing before making a purchase.

Priority Mail is by and far the most viable option in regard to being the fastest, and most economically effective shipping option available should you want your item to travel faster. (As a general rule if the cost is nominal and/or close in cost, I try to upgrade each item to Priority Mail at no cost whenever possible for customers whether they had selected it or not to help get you artwork quicker). I have been utilizing the U.S. Mail for a few years now and think that they do a great job. If you want your item to go quicker this is the best choice available! (On that note I have also utilized FedEx for many years though less for some time now, and prefer them over other private shipping carriers, and so those are the only two shipping option's I have available for customers for most items that are not too big to require freight shipping. If you'd information about extra-large sized item shipping please read to the end of this section as more info is available on that topic too).

If you have already bought something and then requested a FedEx cost comparison after buying artwork, and there ends up being a difference owed to you from requesting and selecting FedEx after already paying the USPS rate, the difference (if any) will be refunded to you.

Generally, most box sizes are similar in cost between the two carriers. However, some things have varying prices based on different and/or farther off location's; e.g. such as with FedEx, Hawaii and Alaska can cost far more than USPS on most similar box sizes. The same is true if your location is one that is far off in a less easily accessible and/or less populated area. The prime exceptions I've noted for the box sizes and weights I use for items, is for the medium and large tabletop sized fountains, where FedEx can often be much less in cost. Most other items all are with-in a competitively similar pricing zone and range to one another. 

If you would like a shipping cost specific to your location, before purchasing please email about it with the piece you're interested in, and I will get you a quote and adapt the shipping to your order before you buy.

Please Note about adding a Signature Confirmation to your shipment:

Copper is an expensive medium to work in and though i have competitive prices they still cost a pretty penny to create and to buy!
As a standard I send your art with no signature required for delivery, and the Post Office (or FedEx when applicable) will leave it at the appropriate place. They then identify and note the item as "delivered", and at such a time it is then completed by them and also seen by me (and customer tracking info) as being delivered and fulfilled. Thankfully the vast majority of the time this works for any package sent by companies, but with copper being expensive I recommend asking me at check out or before, to have a Direct Signature required at delivery to ensure your fountain safely arrives to you. I cannot bear any responsibility for lost packages that the Post Office (or other shipping carriers) have already delivered. There is an extra cost involved in having a Signature set for pick-up but if requested by the customer I will include that at no charge upon handling your shipping.

<Although optional, if you'd like extra contact info to help a carrier find your location please provide an email and/or phone number as I will put that into the shipping information for you upon getting your shipping. I value others privacy including my own and do not share this information with anyone for any reason outside of what has been stated for, upon your request to do so, in and for only facilitating shipping for you.>

Each shipment I send is Insured against damage or loss via the carrier I use -- which for the most part is USPS -- however this does not apply in situation's where they have delivered a package to the address, but after that point the package was somehow lost. For the most part this rarely ever happens, and having a Signature may not be convenient , and so this information is placed here to not only outline my policy on such things but also to be of extra help to you in deciding how you want your artwork best delivered.

Though customers pay in advance through Etsy to the store here, the entire cost of shipping including box and packaging costs, in the rare event that a piece of art were to be damaged in transit and arrives as such, the person or entity purchasing the insurance (that being myself on your behalf) is the one responsible for filing whatever claim may be appropriate for an event such as: 1) the shipper losing the package in route and before it reaches it's destination, or 2) the item arrives in damaged condition as a result and/or occurrence during transit to it's destination. I pack everything with great care and attention to detail and take a good amount of time doing so to protect my customer's investment in their artwork as well as the time involved that it takes me to create such things, let alone the material cost, but if such an unfortunate (however unlikely) event were to happen, please alert me as soon as you can about it, so that I can start the process on resolving and/or rectifying the situation.

Carrier rules regarding claims vary and this may require you to send me photos of the original box and packing material and the item showing the damage it sustained and perhaps more. As a policy I will base that on the particular shipping companies requirement's and rules for managing such things.

In the interim of sorting that out, I cannot refund any monetary amount from the purchase, but will send you replacement artwork of an equal design and value from the original art you bought, once the issues around any claim are resolved and affirmed, so that I can do so. Naturally this is the last sort of situation I would want anyone including myself to be in, but rest assured if it does happen I will do my best to manage and take care of it as effectively and quickly as can be done under whatever circumstances may surround such an event. This type of thing can be a lengthy process to manage and is no fun for anyone to go through so I thoroughly take care in all actions I take and do in regard to such matters, not limited to pack your artwork as well as it can be done so it's far less likely to happen at all. On that note, lest I cause any worry, this is something that I have very rarely if ever seen here through Etsy and for the most part shipping goes smoothly. Nonetheless I am here to help if need be.

I do my best to promptly send out your piece of art after receiving payment, by the date indicated, though at very busy times it is possible that an order can go over the expected delivery date. I also do my best to communicate with you when this arises. If you would like it sent sooner than the specified date, please let me know by adding notes to your order and also send an Etsy Conversation so I'll be sure to catch your needs and address them as best as I can; proceeding with utmost diligence to help get it sent sooner if and as possible.

And last but not least, I tend to be very busy with varying frequency so please bear with me as I will do best to be of service to you as soon as possible for me accomplish. Thank you.


-If buying (or having purchased an oversized item) that is too large for standard shipping modes, the purchaser assumes responsibility for all shipping cost;, but I will help manage and facilitate the process so it is as seamless and smooth as possible for you with your artwork.

For fountains and artwork greater in size than the Large Table Fountains can still be sent in an Oversize category. The largest box size that can be sent before an item is too large to go (except by freight) is around 34 to 40" inches in height, and 24x24" to 30x30" wide. This puts the maximum fountain height at 36" inches with a max bowl diameter or reservoir width of 26" inches. (After this size of box any item would have to be sent by freight). For any size of fountain or other artwork in this general size range it is best to get a quote ahead as shipping can vary with destination locations, and so sending a zip code (a city or town location is helpful too) for a shipping quote in advance of buying is the best way to proceed. Depending on the size and location extra large items can ship from $150.00 to $350.00 via ground options.


Fountains and art that can be too large for even "oversize" shipping (about 3x3 ft. and up in size) require freight conveyance, and often crate boxes are put outside of the range for being able to be shipped via normal FedEx Ground (along with other carriers) since they are too large in size according to their size thresholds, and so cannot fit with in such routine and more common shipping parameters. In such instances when an item is too large for normal modes of transport, having a crating and freight shipment company help is the best option available.

I am happy to utilize the services of Craters and Freighters of Phoenix Arizona for such needs. Although the big shipping companies offer freight services too, Craters and Freighters have not only the best service, but they also have the best rates one can find anywhere, which includes full service packing and insurance. This company will work separately for you, and they are dedicated to making shipping large items the overall best experience it can be anywhere, with top notch customer service to go with it all. Before buying please contact them for a quote to your destination, or make an inquiry with me for getting one, and either way this is done I do my best help facilitate the process of getting set-up with them for your shipping needs. I then help with having them pick-up the item or deliver it to them for you (unless it's too large for me to do) when applicable and possible.

For "extra large over sized" items and boxes I can only help facilitate shipping when a customer is set-up with Craters and Freighters with Payment and Billing Information in advance to either help with appointments for pick-up, or make time to deliver the item. They are quite far from me so it's best to be prepared in advance... So with all that said, here on Etsy they are listed only with example shipping prices, but that is only due to the varying costs of freight from place to place in the U.S. It is preferable to handle such things in advance, but if not done so in an instance/order shipping can be adjusted here before or after a purchase.

It is best and preferable to have those aspects handled before purchasing and then have them managed by the freight company for you. This way you can get different options from them as well delivery options and know your overall price before making the decision to purchase this fountain from me.
<Please note: by purchasing very Large Waterfall Fountain here, you agree to handle shipping through your own means and method as well as all costs involved with it, with myself delivering your art to your chosen provider or helping your shipper pick-up your item for you. I try to help make this as easy to do>

Adjusting your shipping costs on the store here:

Items are shown with shipping costs to help display a general notion of potential costs. I can edit the listing in advance (or refund shipping if need be) to reflect $0.00 shipping costs, but again this is best done ahead of time if and whenever possible. If Etsy ever adds a method for getting gargantuan item shipping quotes in an auto-calculator, I will use it, (or add flat rate costs into the artwork itself) but until then on very large pieces these are the best and available methods of pricing and shipping extra large pieces.

All that is needed to do with me is to send me the Order Number you have with them, and I can then deliver your fountain to them to have it prepped for making its way to you. Since freight costs can vary by location please do not buy this fountain until having a quote in hand as well being set-up with them. They have the best rates you will find anywhere and are experts in packing art and other special items which are large and/or with specific shipping needs, which is why I have been using them for years to assist customers.

(A great example of their expertise is that they are the exclusive shipper of the renowned Barrett Jackson Automobile show in Scottsdale, Az., and they ship everything from Furniture to Cars worldwide!)

I greatly appreciate your interest and business, and this will help make everything go the quickest and smoothest for getting your waterfall fountain out and on its way! Having a quote in hand prior to buying is the recommended way to proceed. They can help you over the phone or you can use their online quote system from their website.

I greatly appreciate your interest and business, and this will help make everything go the quickest and smoothest for getting your waterfall fountain out and on its way! Having a quote in hand prior to buying is the recommended way to proceed. They can help you over the phone or you can use their online quote system from their website. As always I'm available to answer any questions for you too.

Please use this information when getting a quote from them:

Ask for a quote with "Full packing, curbside delivery with lift-down gate, and insurance to go along with the shipping cost.

For this you'll need the overall copper water fountain dimensions and weight, since they use the weight to help calculate the freight shipping rate. 

Here is their contact info:

Address: 1837 N 23rd Ave. suite A, Phoenix, AZ 85009
Phone: (480) 966-9929

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