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FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions

More in-depth information on these topics is available on the Orders, Shipping, Copper Care, Pump Page, and Contact pages. More will be addded as soon as possible. I hope it helps and thank you for visiting. 

Do you do custom work?

Yes, but it varies quite a bit as I have some delayed projects in the works to finish first, but am always willing to help if I can. Please see the Custom work page for much more information about this. Thank you.

Do the water pumps for the fountains have an on-off switch?

No. There are few brands that do have it and my preferred brand doesn't, but you can buy extension cords that have a switch on them, or a wireless remote controlled outlet extender, or outlet extenders with a timer. There are a lot of options and an internet search will yield many options for you to choose from. See more info and ideas here:

Is pick-up of art available instead of shipping?

I'm sorry, but no it is not. My items on etsy can only be set as shipping, and locally, they are sent and arrive far faster than what I could do for a local pick-up. I am an "online only" art venue, which is direct from myself (the artist) and so am not open to the public for picking up or viewing art, or for my being able to meet anywhere for pick-up of it. I appreciate your understanding and Thank You for visiting the site and/or making a purchase.

​​Only in very rare instances with extra-large artworks could I do that to negate shipping costs, but mostly these items can be delivered directly to you the customer, and locally often do not have extra delivery charges involved depending on how far it is. I try to help if possible or needed in local instances for extra large pieces.

Do Fountain and/or other Copper artwork come with Care instructions?

Yes. They are included with the art and if applicable for fountains, accompany the pump makers info too. More detailed copper fountain and copper art care instruction's are available here on the Copper Care Information and Pump pages.

It is very comprehensive and may be of help even with fountains that are not made from copper. When I have time to I'll be adding a brief FAQ concisely summarizing the information. A Care Instruction Paper comes with every fountain (or copper item) as a short version with a link to's page for copper care instructions.

Copper is a near timeless metal, and when given a bit of care, (especially in advance of getting copper art) it can last for many decades and often much more, so it's detailed to be of the most help to you.

Does algae grow in the fountains?

It can but rarely does. If this happens you can safely add very small quantities of an algaecide to the water to deter it. Various products are available online and at hardware/home improvement stores.

Copper is a superior choice from my view, because copper has intrinsic properties that kill microbes while also yielding extremely great benefits in regard to economy and longevity, making it a superior material for fountains. A lot of other nice fountains made of different materials, (i.e. stone, concrete, ceramic, porcelain, fiberglass, stainless steel, ect.) mostly lack the natural ability to deter microbes. I've seen copper fountains 30+ years old still running/functioning and looking great! 

Please see the Copper Care Page for more info about it if need be.

Where can I find new fountain pump's?

They retail direct from their site -- at great prices -- just check your old pump and/or pump box to get the correct model replacement and Gallons per Hour, or for quick reference on table fountain's water pumps needs: Small 35 gph, Medium 70gph, and large 100-150 gph. You can also see this info and more on:
This is also available here on etsy in the Additional Policies section (the only place it could be added to here)

How do I change an old pump out to a new one?

Please visit the Pump page for answers to this. Most water fountain pumps are similar in construction and set-up. Videos will be added in the future to be of more help in changing one. In the meantime however, since most fountain pump's are alike, a lot of useful "how-to" videos can be found online that also help demonstrate how to change the pumps. Mostly, you'll need the correct hose sizes to adapt older pumps to new pumps. With the same brand the same original hose can be used on a new pump, or if not possible, then to be of further help there, hose sizes are shown on the pump page.

Are water pumps included with the fountain?

Yes. They are each tested individually on each fountain, and the fountains all arrive with the pump already attached. The pump is hidden beneath a decorative copper pump cover, that is also included with each fountain.

Are the copper bowls separate pieces from the fountain? 

No, the bowls are by and large not separate from the fountains. They are each brazed in a permanent "weld-like" way to the upper fountain structure, and so the fountains are mostly all one piece. Over the years I have made fountains that are set in a copper stand and have no bowl, but for the most part all the fountains are not made this way. 

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