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 Small Copper Fountains

Small Copper Table Fountain with 3 Large
Copper Bird of Paradise Small Table Foun

Current prices, fountain details, and shipping information, are all shown in the online stores. The ascending fountain design pages on will soon follow suite to this page, and will each in turn, be updated in similar fashion. The overall dimensions for each piece generally are as a base approximate standard, 8-10" inches in bowl diameter, with a maximum height of 14" inches. Some bowls are created with a segmented larger bowl, which occupies the same overall area but is bigger allowing the piece to hold more water volume overall. Most pieces range in price from $99.00 - $149.00

Copper Dragonflies and Iris Flowers Smal
Lady Bugs Small Tabletop Copper Fountain
extra small copper table fountain water
Dragonflies, Vine and Cattails Small Cop
Sea Turtle and Coral Reef Small Copper F
Copper Tropical Leaf Fountain with water
Cactus Wren, Cholla, Prickly Pears, and

Featuring a wide selection of small copper table top fountains. All have been designed with the concept of creating each piece to sound as pretty as it looks; which is half the art of a water feature at Copper Phoenix Art. These go great anywhere, be it a counter space, patio setting, or foyer and more... the small size has a pleasant sound for a small sized water fountain.

Iris and Waterlily Flowers and Vine Smal
Copper Dragonfly Sculpture 1.jpg

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