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Please see Etsy store for current work examples and other available art not seen here. I am an online only artist and a company of one with no staff, and an online only artist, and with needing to do everything myself, this can result in more time being taken up to handle some things and respond to inquiries. While I tend to be busy in variable and fluctuating ways, I will nonetheless do my best to be of help to you as soon as I can do so.

As such I do not post hours of operation and am not open to the public. On that note, being able to pick-up art from me instead of shipping is not available. I appreciate how such things can be helpful and so I apologize for any inconvenience this may present to you and appreciate your understanding in advance.


Email is my preferred way to communicate and conduct business and I do not have a phone number available or listed for such things.

As always I'm here to help. When ordering on Esty, please email me through the Etsy system (if possible) as it is easier to help you with your order, and keep track of and manage Etsy orders that way. Or if not currently possible through a website tech issue, etc., you can email me directly and I'll do my best to help either way. If so, please include Order ID and other relevant information.

My primary email is:

Copper fountain and art care information (along with getting a new fountain pump) can be found on this page:

Copper Phoenix Art

Queen Creek, Az.

(see Etsy store for other message contact system)

Custom Work/Commissions:


I appreciate the consideration of interest, but I am not able to do any custom work or take any commissions for it.


Though I am efficient at time management, I do not have time for custom work from working copper retail art full time, and, in addition to that art, I also work a longstanding important part time job that is not art related.

I am leaving this information about custom work up so as to be helpful in alerting anyone with a prospective inquiry that this facet of my art is not available, so as to save them time from making an inquiry, and maybe myself from responding, as I appreciate others time as much as my own time, and tend to answer everyone anyway.


Along with not having time for it, I also have many personal longstanding art projects, new fountain designs, and future art venues to open, one-of-a-kind art works to finish and make, and so, many other things in need of my time, I appreciate your thought about having me make something special, but I cannot take custom work on at this time. 

The Etsy shop is an extension of my primary website here, and so custom work or commissions also are no longer available there either. Amazon Handmade is not equipped for such work at all either. Maybe in about a year or perhaps more, I may be able to do custom work again via Etsy and another compatible venue.

I appreciate your understanding and interest, and I very sincerely, wholeheartedly, though I cannot be of assistance with it, wish you well with your special project!

My standard artwork designs are still being produced and available to order from the online shopping cart/site.




Copper Fountain Island Waterfall with Palm Trees Sculpture Fountain_edited.jpg

Pieces from other years were, along with this piece, donated to the Phoenix Zoo's annual benefit auction.


  • Offering an extensive varied line of fountains, wall art and assorted decor and sculpture, from small to very large artworks 

  • Fine Art; Copper Sculpture; Low to high Relief, 3D

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