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Please see Etsy store for current work examples and other available art not seen here. I am an online only artist and a company of one with no staff, and do everything myself, and this can result in more time being taken up to handle some things and respond to inquiries. While I tend to be busy in variable and fluctuating ways, I will nonetheless do my best to be of help to you as soon as I can do so.

As such I do not post hours of operation and am not open to the public. On that note, being able to pick-up art from me instead of shipping is not available. I appreciate how such things can be helpful and so I apologize for any inconvenience this may present to you and appreciate your understanding in advance.


Email is my preferred way to communicate and conduct business and I do not have a phone number available or listed for such things.

For orders with's webstore please use my email, for any correspondence, inquiry or communication related to your order. 

As always I'm here to help. If ordering on Esty, please email me through the Etsy system (if possible) as it is easier to keep track of and manage Etsy orders that way - or if not possible, you can email me directly and I'll do my best to help either way.

My primary email is:




  • Offering an extensive varied line of fountains, and assorted art, decor and sculpture, from small to very large artworks 

Copper fountain and art care information (along with getting a new fountain pump) can be found on this page:

Copper Phoenix Art

Queen Creek, Az.

(see Etsy store for other email contact info)

Copper Fountain Island Waterfall with Pa

Pieces from other years were, along with this piece, donated to the Phoenix Zoo's annual benefit auction.

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