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Artist Info & Bio

The purpose of my art is to bring a little oasis from the Arizona desert here to where ever a fountain or art may go, enhancing your space and bringing relaxation and enjoyment to you and others. To that end I try to have very diverse selection of artwork to choose from. Through out this website you will find this love of diversity reflected in a variety of thematic artwork.

I began teaching myself to work in copper in 2004, and I have been working away with it since. A lot of artwork was initially made from my own interests and then a lot of work was made to help people bring their ideas to life... some were and are a combination of the two. I think art made individually is never done alone since it is inspired by so many other things, ideas and other peoples work. Often art is an individual process as much as it is symbiotic one, or both, and certainly it is always meant to be shared and appreciated by others however it is created.

My copper art is inspired by a love of nature in all it's forms from the past to present in an ever changing world. The constant, tranquil and soothing flow of a water feature is half the art, and I strive to create pieces that appeal to all of the senses in some way.


Most of my life has been spent in Arizona but I'm originally from Guam; my early childhood having been around much of the Pacific Ocean, though mostly near the Central and South American regions, all of which fostered a love for water that has been translated into primarily making copper water fountains and sculptures -- though I also enjoy creating in some other artistic mediums too. At an early age I began drawing, painting, and sculpting in clay, followed later by many other creative endeavors and out lets, that all combine and continue to evolve and help me cultivate my artwork further... Being a company of one person and a parent too, I stay quite busy.

To me, Art itself is a nearly timeless expression of Humankind's journey through life, from the earliest cave paintings to the most modern of works. I think it should not only be shared but give back positively to others, since the gift of life is what inspired art to begin with. 

Some of my other ambient artistic penchants can also be seen beneath the photo collage.

Thank you for visiting the website and viewing my work!


Joseph Ward

Copper Sculptor and Artist Joseph Ward with Extra Large Waterfall Fountain Sculpture.July

Waterfall Project from July 2020.

my favorite fruit tree, triangle and pyramid scheme.jpg
Joseph Ward, 1979.jpg

Pictured on a sailboat, circa 1979-80

Copper Star Flowers.jpg
Copper Sculptor Artist Joseph Ward with
No matter how difficult it seems, never give up on your dreams. 

A floral 20 spout custom fountain project completed in a bowl 6ft. dia. x 360mm tall. (Bowl and all flower water spouts)

Photo from 2004 with a couple of the first pieces of copper art  I worked on... 

DSCF6724 (1280x1263).jpg
rose galaxy.jpg

Thank you Mom and Dad...

Mt. Olympus in the Sonoran Desert (1stPa

The desert scene painting is the first painting on "canvas" I ever tried; and made when I was 16 years old. I can draw, paint and sculpt in realism, but lest the time for it, and liking all forms, I diversify in thematic representations of various art styles... Nature inspires most of the art here, with a little extra fondness for the desert and the ocean

...older picture of little ones...

Sharing Art is an Benefit to All

Did you know most Art Festivals around the country are non-profit and in various ways, dedicated to enriching and improving the lives of those in their community? From helping to fund scholarship programs for youths for assistance with attaining higher education, to providing extra services to Military Veterans, to ecological conservation to... well, the list goes on and on. Often, many non-profits do fundraising galas with silent auctions and/or raffles to generate funds for their organization. I'm always astounded and inspired by the amazing amount of so many, many people and companies who do so much to help others: Many hands make light work!


 I will always feel fortunate to get to be a professional artist, and equally so, both graciously inspired and humbled to get to use my art at times to help contribute a little bit toward such endeavors. With so many going on, I gear my efforts toward helping children and animals (with an ecological framework in mind) both of which are not only nearest and dearest to all; and children are also the "ones" among us whose voices and aspirations, hold the least ability to herald their own ascension... thus my chosen concentration; a by-product of which I hope inspires my own children...


Looking forward the aim is to further cultivate this concept. It is also a component of a business model many individuals, companies and/or corporations employ - and employ in many varied ways depending on the point of view it is gazed on from, of which there are many... Given that art is an ambient part of life, my company aims to someday try to be as good too. And as the saying goes, "every journey begins with a single step"... these leave footprints leading to a destination... Having been a recipient of generosity many a time before, I'm just trying to do what little part I can to contribute to the overall enhancement of life for others. Eventually, as a solid component of my business plan and model, Copper Phoenix Art will have a fund for such endeavors.


As always and nevertheless, I hope each piece of art brings enjoyment and relaxation to you and others, but I also want to highlight that such efforts to allow art to benefit others beyond the feeling's art (such as fountains) can evoke   -- that, in addition to this tranquility aspect -- I want all my customers (past and present) to know that this heartfelt aspiration of mine, cannot and is not achieved alone:


Thank you for your support in word, thought, deed - or any combination thereof!


Joseph Ward

A Great State of Copper Summary

Here is a link to an excellent article on copper and copper in Arizona. It conveys a lot of necessary information in an exceptionally concise and engaging manner, and I highly recommend reading it.  


Copper is not just a family endeavor for some: be it State, Company, or other means... It is an endeavor that benefits everyone, everywhere.

In my humble opinion, art is rightfully the least among uses of copper, yet art as a whole, along with copper, has from the dawn of humanity been intrinsic to the evolution of technologies... and continues to inspire us all in countless ways.

Visit the "About Copper" Page to Learn More


Copper Fountain Sculpture of Baby Sea Turtle Hatchlings, with Sabel Palm Tree in Copper Ro
Joseph Ward, copper sculptor, Copper Phoenix Art_edited.jpg

Thanks for visiting the site!

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