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Medium Table Size Copper Water Fountains

 The overall dimensions for most medium tabel sized water fountains are as a base approximate standard, 12.75" inches in bowl diameter, with a maximum height of 16" inches. A few are a little taller going up to 18-20" inches in height. Some bowls are created with a larger segmented bowl, which allows the piece to hold more water volume, but still occupy the same area with unchanged overall dimensions. Most pieces range in price from $199.00 to $359.00+

The online shopping carts are kept up to date first, and so more current info and photos can be found on's cart, or on the Etsy online store.

Quick links to either page and site are here.

Copper Fountain Island Waterfall with Pa
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Copper Medium Table Size Fountain with S
Copper Hummingbirds and Butterflies Foun
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