Copper Sun Oldman Winter, 40 Inch Diameter, Semi 3D Wall Sculpture
Copper Fountain Large Waterfall with 5 Tiers and Southwestern Desert Decor of Agave, Prickly Pear Ca
Copper Tree Sculpture 1
Hawaiian Palm Tree and Canoe, Copper Fountain
Abstract Copper Wall Art Sconces 1
Copper Palm Tree Sculptures

Gallery artwork showcase from the past...

This page is dedicated to a photo collage of things I've made before and like being able to display as examples of some of the breadth copper artwork can encompass as well as some of their setting's...

Thank you for your interest and viewing.

I hope you enjoy looking at these photos!

Outside the workshop was a project of an 8' foot tall copper Sabal Palmetto Palm Tree fountain-sculpture, surrounded by rocky tide pools. 

The other one I stand by, was a Floral Spout waterfall fountain project that involved 2 sets of 10 floral water spouts, created as separate drop-in/inserts for different water reservoir bases, but one set is shown here flowing simultaneously for example.

<In the future and not specifically for custom work either, I am planning on making some extra pieces purely as "drop-in" inserts, so that a customer can have the option of placing them with in different reservoir base settings. Copper bowls and/or reservoirs will still be available too.>