Small Copper Fountains


Featuring a wide selection of small copper table top fountains. They have been designed with the concept of creating each piece to sound as pretty as it looks, since that is half the art of a water feature at Ward Studios. These go great anywhere, be it a counter space, patio setting, or foyer; the small size has a pleasant sound ideal for an office or bedroom size area too. 


Each piece is handmade by the artist, with various metal working techniques used such as embossing, torch coloring, and adding a special chemical treatment to bring out the copper's natural oxidation or patina.  They all come with a 40 gallon per hour indoor submersible pump hooked up, so all they need is to be filled with water and plugged in. Most come with 2 tea light candle holders welded to the back rim. These help enhance the relaxing feel of your fountain, casting flickering shadows of the decor and water flow about your area.


The overall dimensions for each piece generally are as a base approximate standard, 10" inches in bowl diameter, with a height of 14" inches. Some bowls are created with a segmented larger bowl, which occupies the same overall area but is bigger allowing the piece to hold more water volume overall. These pieces range in price from $99.00 - $149.00

(This site is in process of updates on price and photos but is still indicative of what is general available and offered. Please email any questions. Thank you for visiting!)

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Due to the amount of designs available each has been listed with a little description followed by a reference number such as A-1 for example. If you have any questions please visit the contact page and let us now, and we'll be happy to help.


Featuring 3 hand shaped Dragonflies, Cattails and Water Lilies in a lush pond setting. I0" inches in diameter and 14" tall, with 2 tea light votive candle holders on the back rim. $119.00