Large Indoor Outdoor Copper Waterfall Fountains (page under construction...updated on Jan.2021)


These are immense water features ranging in size from 28" inches in diameter and 3' feet tall to 6'ft./72" inches in diameter and over 9 ft. tall.

I will be adding entirely new waterfall designs after I complete the fully sculpted palm tree piece. (For more info on that one please visit the Custom Work page).   Additionally in lieu of new and functioning design examples some sketches of older ideas I had wanted to make will be added as a fun way of showing other potential waterfalls that could be constructed...


The large scale waterfall fountains are 100% copper and completely handmade. I cut, hammer, and shape by hand, braze with a gas torch, and sometimes add specialty oxidizing liquids on the copper to rapidly bring out the natural patinas copper can develop over time; a lot of the larger pieces without such embellishments will naturally oxidize on their own.


  Each piece comes plug-in ready with its pump attached. Gallon per hour  rate of flow and water volume capacity vary from 200 to 2500 gph. Comprehensive fountain care instructions with the best recommendations are included as well. These are self-contained water features and require no constant water supply hooked up to them (however they are able to be easily adapted by adding a steady water floatation valve supply to) and they each take a healthy amount of overall water volume (5 to 226 gallons on the variety shown here) which allow them to function for long periods of time with out the need to fill them too often. 

I strive to create each water fountain to be its absolute best, with the concept of  making it sound as pretty as it looks, since I feel that is half the art of a water feature. 

Thank you for visiting and viewing!

This Palm Tree Fountain went to

North Carolina, USA

The Floral Nozzle/Spouts went to 

Doha, Qatar

These were two very different projects, both requiring a lot of work to do, and also ones that I equally enjoyed working on, and with the people they were made for.


(More art detail to follow as I finish this page...)


There are a few photos of each fountain in various stages of completion. The Palm Tree Fountain required the bowl reservoir yet not the Floral one since the art was to be inserted in a different water base, but I was able to use it to also test and refine the Flower Water Fountain spouts...

A picture of myself is shown with the fountain reservoir base to help with visualizing the scale of each piece among it's various design aspects.

Copper Waterfall Fountain Gallery
(more designs to be added as soon as possible... including sketches)